When Jessie Evans, a Georgia Southern University cheerleader, leaves for her best friend’s wedding the last thing she expects is for the seat next to her to be taken. After all, she’d only canceled Seat 2A hours prior after catching her boyfriend cheating.

Kendal Vargas, son of a Spanish emigrant fashion guru, is on his way to Whistler for a “mancation”. Running to buy a neck pillow before his flight, Kendal bumps into Jessie Evans. Kendal is in a hurry. Kendal does not stop to help her. Kendal forgot his neck pillow and the plane is about to leave and hey—who could travel without a neck pillow?

Charmed by Jessie’s beauty, and watching her board his very plane, Kendal takes a whim and changes his seat to one he hopes would be next to her. Jessie ignores Kendal’s attempt to be chatty but when their connecting flight gets canceled overnight, the pair has a chance to make a real connection.

Seven years later, Jessie bumps into Kendal in the produce aisle of a Portland grocery store. No neck pillow is involved, except there is a beautiful little girl who looks just like him. Fate has given them another shot but will Kendal’s whims keep them apart?



So I took my first whim at Contemporary Romance and created my debut, SEAT 2A. Jessie and Kendal were breaths of fresh air from the dark place where I usually reside with the Aztecs and Mayans in THE 52ND Saga and I was always excited to get back to them.

I loved Kendal’s spontaneous combustion of whims in the airport, allowing the story to unfold the way I wanted it to. And I loved having Jessie struggle throughout the book, trying to bring him back. They’d both been through a lot, and chasing old—but not forgotten—dreams is very difficult to do once you’ve been broken.

This element of life is why I loved SEAT 2A. Everyone has dreams they’re seeking that sometimes dim with the daily woes of life. How wonderful would it be to find someone in your life that polishes those dreams back up again, making them shiny, reminding you what you’ve wanted all along?