For Zara Moss life was an escape.

But breaking an ancient Aztec tradition and denying the Underworld god, Mictlan, the very life he is owed is forbidden . . . and punishment will be two-fold.

With no rules left to follow, and the Celestial gods unquestioning Mictlan’s ability to conjure history’s worst human massacre, Executioners find a way to deliver the key to his success—Zara—to Mictlan. The Castillo family has saved Zara once but this time she must save herself beyond the neon shore.

As she faces her undead future she discovers that her guard, Tototl, is doing something Mictlan wouldn’t approve of. And that she, too, has the choice to choose her own fate—should she be brave enough to follow.

Yet, in the midst of the bloody games of Tlatchi, a ghastly menagerie, and deadly layers of the Underworld, true friendship thrives with the most unlikely pair of friends.



When people read BEYOND THE NEON SHORE they will see a new Zara. Her growth in this novel is insurmountable, really. I didn’t expect to see her like this, even as the creator, and when I put my fingers to the keypad to further her journey I get chills every time. She’s taking me to new places—some I don’t want to enter—but I go and am surprised with what I find.

Readers will be introduced to new characters, new rules, and new ashen pets with a deathlike appetite just like their dismaying master.

And for those fans that wanted more Aztec and Mayan culture . . . the entire book is culture! There is so much symbolism and legend in this sequel with regards to time, locations, and ceremonies, including the gruesome Tlatchi games as recorded in history.

Be sure to add BEYOND THE NEON SHORE to your Goodreads because you won’t want to miss this release.